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Michael Chen


UBC, Clinical Assistant Professor UVIC, Adjunct Professor

Research Focus

Biofluid Resource Centre (BRC)

The BRC specializes in patient recruitment, consent and collection of samples and annotated clinical data for disease specific and/or population-scale studies. We are also part of a province-wide network of partner biospecimen collection sites that accelerate COVID-19 research discoveries by providing high quality biospecimens and data. 

Dr. Chen received his MD at McGill university. He then completed his MSc in experimental Medicine at McGill University. He continued on to do his research fellowship in proteomics at University of Victoria. Dr. Chen is a clinical assistant professor in the department of pathology and laboratory medicine at the University of British Columbia, an Adjunct professor at the university of Victoria and a clinical pathologist at the Vancouver island health authority.  

Why do you study metabolism?

“Biomarkers are used in the majority of clinical diagnostics. They can be objectively measured and evaluated as indicators of health or pathogenic processes, monitoring during care, and determining response to therapy. Identifying the right biomarker will be a key component of translational precision medicine.” 

Why it fascinates you?

“My career goal as a clinician scientist is to innovate all aspects of laboratory investigation in health and disease to improve the care, treatment, and well-being of patients”

Blood-based biomarkers

Using our mass spectrometers, we’ve created methods to identify biomarkers to support diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of different diseases including iron metabolism disorders, cardiovascular disease, endocrine disorders and autoimmune pancreatitis.

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